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Our mission, at its very core, will change the way people with pain are treated – physically and emotionally.


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The Global Pain Initiative

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The Global Pain Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to transform the way pain is fundamentally understood, assessed and treated — we intend to “change the face of pain”.

The message of The Global Pain Initiative is:

(a) Pain is really made up of many different diseases (just like Cancer);

(b) Pain in Cancer is the same as Pain in Non-Cancer;

(c) There is enough science showing that Pain has a Cure.

The Global Pain Initiative will achieve the mission in three ways:

Education and Awareness:

Create then publish peer-reviewed journal supplements on “The Current State of Pain and Treatment” — from leading scientists and clinicians. This is the basis for the ‘Data and Research’,
Develop the ‘Story of Pain’ series — bringing the story pain to the public from people’s perspectives,
Build key relationships with scientists, clinicians, healthcare systems, corporations, governments and people living with pain to (a) increase awareness, (b) move science to change clinical practice, and (c) find a Cure.

Data and Research:

Develop the first-ever registry on pain (built with advanced data collection tools in collaboration with the world’s leading information and technology experts) to understand pain from an individual person’s view.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Organize and assist a movement (i.e. people/corporations/healthcare delivery systems/governments), then using our data and research combined with science, (a) improve diagnosis, (b) define what best practices are, and (c) find cures.

Our projects and the Global Pain Initiative will let us fulfill the Mission.

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